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FAST BJ helmet replica - ATC

Výrobce: Emerson

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    FAST BJ helmet replica

    The FAST helmets set a new quality standard in the field of head protection gear. Both the wearing comfort and the versatility of the helmet are the definite determinants of this line.

    The lining is based on foams which’s positions can be changed in order to fit the helmet perfectly to the shape of the head. The four point chin-strap is equipped with an easy and fast adjustment system and, additionally, it is a closed system what means it does not have any straps which are lose or stand out. The adjustment’s range is widened by the rear lining’s circuit adjustment module which is operated with a knob. All of the elements of the lining and chin-strap which touch and support the body are covered with a sweat absorbing fabric.

    On the outside, the helmet is equipped with an integrated night vision goggles mount which is equipped with additional hooks that are placed on flexible bands which’s task it to increase the NVG’s stability. On both of the sides of the helmet, there are universal mounting rails for additional accessories to be mounted. A major part of the helmet’s side and back surface is covered with hooks and loops fastener which can be used to mount patches, identification elements or IR and visible light markers.

    The set includes: a set of mountable accessories

  • Barva A-TACS / ATC
    ID 1152198088
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